Skp new version

Will i access my Vray old version when i update my Skp old version to the new one?


Define “Vray old version” , “SKP old version” and “the new one” please.

Vray 4, Sketchup 2018 and sketchup 2023 ? Vray 5, SU23 and SU24 ?

the “old” and “new” concept is quite vague here :wink:

Skp Old version 23, and vray old version 6, but i wants to know if i update my Skp will i access my vray old version authomatically?

Sketchup 23 is not the old version, it’s the current one. there is no sketchup 24 for now.
Vray 6 is also the current version.

when Sketchup 24 ends up released, Vray will either update their installer so it recognises it, or they’ll move onto a Vray 7

as they haven’t mentioned any Vray 7 yet, and they don’t release versions on a daily basis, it is safe to assume they’ll simply update the installer.

anyway, since both Vray and Sketchup are using subscriptions, at any point you can install older version of one or the other.

By the way Skp remained me to update, so i wants to know if i update it will i access my vray authomatically?

yes. yes you can.

Thank you Ateliernab, know that you are really improving someone over Malta.

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What made the image look like this in interactive rendering and how can i fix this issue please?

Seems like you’re using SketchUp’s Diffusion.

You cant do much to fix it.

no not diffusion, its its vray.

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