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I have SKP 2021 perpetual for MAC (iMac 2019 - 13.2.1) that freezes regularly. I have purged all SKP related items from my application folder, the User library, etc. several times and downloaded fresh. No matter what I do or get rid of, it freezes on the spinning wheel as soon as I try to get something from the menu item, for example. This is even before reloading plugins, etc. Never had SKP freeze like this before.
Any help to get to the problem would be greatly appreciated.
With my thanks. David

What Mac OS version?

What has happened on your computer right before this started happening? Clearly SketchUp 2021 didn’t change.

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I know of a couple of innocent actions you could do that might keep SketchUp 2021 busy for a while. The main two would be where you downloaded something from 3D Warehouse, or you had pasted or imported something into your model. I can imagine other cases where the same issue could cause some slowing down.

Open the Colors palette, and select any section except Colors in Model. See if that reduces the number of times you see SketchUp freeze.

so, ventura.

Ventura doesn’t support SU 21 and 22. so even though it may run, it may also crash and burn.

Colin gave a possible fix, but on the long run, you can’t update your os anymore, and a better solution would be to revert to mac os 11 or 12 (If I’m counting right, 11 was ok with SU21)

It’s a common issue we’ve discussed several time on this forum, before updating your OS, always check if ALL of your (pro) softwares are compatible, officially or at least upgrade but be ready to rollback.
Because right now, you own a perpetual licence that is not supported by current OS. And going on, it’s not gonna be supported either. One of the point of moving from perpetual to yearly licence is precisely that, you don’t run the risk of being stuck with an old OS because of your old licence.

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Missed that in the OP. Should be in the profile.

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This is really helpful information, as at the heart of it is to learn of the incompatibility between SKP 2021 and Ventura.
Right. On to plan B.

Many thanks all.

PS. DaveR, yes, I will update my profile. I appreciate the heads up.