SKP 2015 - excessive processor use and crashes

Have been using SKP 15 [Mac, 10.10.1, MBP late 2011 vintage] intensively the last several days. After one-two hours of use, SKP becomes unresponsive to the 3D mouse. Any regular activity e.g. saving a file, orbit, will become impossible. Activity monitor will show that kernel_task is redlined taking 23000 % CPU. Quitting SKP will release kernel_task and in a few minutes the machine becomes useable again. I’ve cleaned the system caches, run first aid, reset the preferences and it sorta works. Waiting to see if this clears up the problem.

Also SKP also crashes randomly when closing a file. Have sent in several Bug Splats


Do you have any extensions installed?

Yep. Visualizer, 3DxSketchup (3d Mouse), Advanced Camera Tools, Dynamic components, advanced sandbox tools, photo textures. It appears that since I trashed the Sketchup prefs, it hasn’t happened in the last 2 hours so that appears to be good news. May have solved this on my own.

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If it does come back up, try and see if disabling extensions makes a difference.

Thanks - will keep that in mind. [what’s with a post having to be a minimum of 20 characters . . ]

It’s a Discourse design feature to encourage full and complete answers. They designed the forum system such that to discourage people posting only “+1” and instead encourage them to use the Like button or post a richer response.