Skewed section cut export SU Pro '18



I am having some trouble exporting a section slice (and then re-inporting it into a new file).

It exports skewed and at a funny scale. Not sure if I can post an image here but if there is a way to do that I will…


How about sharing the SKP file, too. Or send it via a PM if you can’t share it publicly.

Use the Upload button, 7th from the left.



7th from the left… thank you!

Although it says my files are too big…


Upload it to Drop Box and share the link.


The model I am cutting exporting from:

The slices that I imported:


Downloading and opening them. Hang tight.


How did you go about getting those copied into the second file? I just made three slices from the section cuts in the first file, copied them, and pasted them into the second. They came in undistorted but much smaller than yours. The ones I imported seem to be the right size while yours seem to be too large.

I notice you aren’t using layers correctly in the first file.


I used import…
How would I be able to just cut and paste?


Layers: Yes, the first file is not mine… but is an accurate existing conditions model. I am cutting sections so that I can rebuild my own model - with this existing conditions model as a reference


I just selected the section cuts, hit Edit>Copy, went to your model and hit Edit>Paste.

I’m glad to hear that. :wink:


Did you make a group from slice first?

I cut and pasted the slice but just got the slice not the plan lines… I am guessing I am missing something basic here… pardon the question! But could you elaborate?


I used Create Group from Slice

Then I copied the group. It looks like this after creating it.

I made three different ones based on different section planes already in the model.


Gotcha group from slice… Thank You!!! so so grateful.

Have a great day!


Wait a minute! What did you export? Did you export a CAD file?

You have a great day, too.


Yeah… exported to autocad… obviously not what i was looking for! thank you again, i am on track and ready to roll…


A very good. That explains the distortion. Glad you’re back on track. Roll on!