Sketcup / Fusion 360 CAM/ holes


Customer send me skp, stl, dwg and step models made with sketchup.

I am tryingvto use those models in fusion 360 CAM with no succes. All the holes are not round and those have either center points. So drilling and countersunk tools are not usable.

Is it possible to make holes real round in sketcup or is there any options in software to correct exported step models?

The only thing you can do is export the SU model as a 3D DWG without faces and rebuild it from there. Can you post the model? I’ve had to solve this problem a few times, and depending on how it was modeled in SketchUp it’ll dictate how hard it will be to make the transition.

No matter how “good” the SketchUp model is, there’s no “one button” import to Fusion from SketchUp…

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Simple DXF allows you to create DXF files (CNC Defacto standard for more than 30 years) that includes real holes and true polylines which can include 1 or more arcs.

If you show us images (or better yet skp) of what you are trying to accomplish we can better help you.