SketchyPhysics models in Google Earth

Wondering if sketchyphysics models can be used in Google Earth ie. Driving and flying.

My desire is to test sketchup models on near real terrain scales in my local area (10 Sq miles), where I have gone fourwheeling.

I am looking at Implementing this either into Google Earth or making a stand alone with the desired LOD and scale based on your PC’s capability.

Basically making a (hopefully simple) driving similations using google earth as the map load database.

If this is not currently an option, how would can this be done? Ideas and sugesstions welcome.


I don’t know if there are any effective ways to play animations in Google Earth- you might want to check in with the Google Earth community on that one.

The “Monster Milktruck” demo might be a place to start.


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That’s it! … Milktruck!
Thank you John.
I was racking my brain and all that came to mind was pizza truck.

I dug around a little and came up with this link: Monster Milktruck. Keep in mind, this was originally written back in 2008 by an engineer who wanted to showcase the then new Google Earth browser plugin. YMMV.