SketchUp2020 Pro, "Tags" window: How do I remove the "Dashes" column?

I just upgraded to SK2020 Pro (from 2017Pro), and trying to get used to it. Some interesting new stuff, and it seems to be faster in some ways, but the changes to the layers/tags window are very frustrating. How do I get rid of the “Dashes” column, which I do not need and will never ever use)? Or if I can’t get rid of it, how do I at least move the columns around, to have them in a more logical order? Or maybe just re-size the Dashes column? It is taking up a LOT of screen real-estate, and I really don’t want it there. Am I stuck with it forever?

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You can’t get rid of it and there’s no option for rearranging those columns. they are fixed as they are.

That would be good. Control like this is common in other software for 30 or more years. It doesn’t seem the developers are concerned much with the graphic interface though.

I never use any column but the visibility.


You can make the Name field wider, than the Dashes won’t be easy to see :wink:

my workaround is to have the Tags window on the right of the screen. Then you can position the window so that the dashes column is out of sight.