Sketchup will restart when backup slow startup

Since a month my system is slow.
After drawing a project with multiple downloads from 3D store.
my system wil reboot and take a long time to start up.
When it is restarted the last changes are not made.
I purchase sketchup from cadkoop with a trimble account.
i work on a macbook pro mac OS catalina video card Intercel iris pro 1536MB

regards Ralph

How large is the file?
If you open SketchUp while holding shift, does it open faster?

The file is 257mb and shift wil not help the smaller files will opens much faster 3 seconds and the big file takes 38 seconds.
when its open en start modeling its slow the when it wil make an automatic backup the program restart bij its self en the last edits are not there.

do work also with a trimble account ?