Sketchup will not open "tests that exercise your (igp) capabilities have failed

I have sketchup installed on a laptop that has a gtx 1060 and integrated Intel UHD 630 graphics processors.
I installed sketchup and used it without issue for a few days but I come to use it today and it will not open with this error:

“tests that exercise your “Intel(R) UHD Graphics 630” graphics card’s capabilities have failed.”

I have been through the NVIDIA control panel and assigned sketchup to use the high performance gtx 1060.
I have also been into windows graphics settings and made sure sketchup is set to use the high performance gpu at all times.
I have also set the systems power mode to high performance
There is no way to outright disable the igpu on this laptop and all of my drivers and software is fully up to date.

I’m not sure what else to do, I have ran the installer again and selected repair with no luck.
I’m about to uninstall and reinstall sketchup from scratch and hope that works but I shouldnt have to do that.

anybody have any ideas?


Didn’t you connected an external display via dock?

Yes I have 2 external displays connected vis dock, both of which have been working with sketchup just fine for the first few days, infact I had 2 sketchup models open already when it started giving me this error


The Windows update sometimes can ruin up your graphic drivers… Did you tried to go to Intel and Nvidia site and download and install drivers from there?

yeah everything is up to date, your comment about the dock got me thinking though and I’ve managed to fix it, I had one of my docked displays set as the primary display so I get the taskbar on that screen.
For whatever reason when i set the laptop display as the primary display sketchup works fine but when set to a docked display i get that error.

cheers for providing the spark haha

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There might be dock firmware and driver updates that you can try. Even cable types (Display port/HDMI/Thunderbolt) sometimes seem to matter.

Just out of curiosity, what model computer/dock? I think many of these complaints come from Dell users.

I don’t see the point of making powerful laptops without supplying all display features to external monitors.

I’m using an Asus fx504 laptop connected to a Dell D6000 dock (latest firmware) my other laptop is a DELL latitude 5490 hence me having this particular dock.

To be honest the ASUS has no native usb-c to connect the dock so I’m running 2 displays, networking and some usb over a single usb 3.0 type A connection but it seems to work fine enough other than that one error

That one is using Displaylink, there was a recent update for that driver. It is half year newer than Dell have in the support page of D-6000, maybe worth to try…
displaylink-graphics driver

ran that update but same behaviour, its not a massive issue now im aware of it but it is kinda stupid that it behaves like this whether thats a sketchup problem a dell problem or a windows problem it feels like an unnecessary problem to have.

anyway cheers for the help

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