Sketchup Web— R-Click > Area > Selection: Nothing Happens

When I right-click on selected geometry and select ‘Selection’ from the ‘Area’ menu nothing happens.
Am I missing something?

I know I can see area under ‘Entity Info’ but it’d be nice to have it as a context-menu function as well.

good question…the area query in the context menu isn’t functional.

Moreover, ‘Entity Info’ reports no area at all if anything other than a surface (including lines!) is selected.
Sure would be nice if it could just ignore these objects.

Also I haven’t yet been successful in copying to the clipboard the area text from the Entity Info panel.

Entity Info intentionally shows info for everything selected. To filter your selection, try Selection Toys… It is an easy way to filter a selection with a single click.

I don’t think that will work in the web app :slight_smile:

Ah! Too true! Attention to detail!

Entity Info is intentionally showing all the attributes that are applicable to everything selected. If you select a combination of entities, you will lose measurements (linear, area, or volume).

I suppose that’s fine, although if that is the case then it sure would be nice if Rclick > Area > Selection actually worked.

Of course, this is all academic. I’m really only logging into SUW once in a very long while, and then only to see if it’s even halfway usable yet (it’s not even close).

Looks like I’ll be using SU2017 until they pry it out of my hands.

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