Sketchup Web Plugin?

Hi everybody,

we have a customer for whom we create Sketchup-Models (or products, parts & such) on a regular basis. They have a SASS cloud based ERP System where we are required to upload the technical documentation as well as the Sketchup-Model for further use. It works quite well, but the customer was wondering if we could implement a web based viewer for these models. The programmer found a gtlf based viewer that works well for gtfl models but that in turn requires us to export a gtfl file from Sketchup which isn’t as cool as just clicking on a SKP file and “spinning it around”… :slight_smile:

They don’t want us to upload the stuff to the warehouse as they are afraid that their models might get into the wrong hands do to the public nature of the model…

That might be the only/best way in deed. It’s not a solution that is available “now” because the links will likely break before final release and it’s not what our customer wants (they want to store the actual files on their own web-server not in Trimble-Connect but it might be a good compromise. I kept digging but couldn’t find anything better than this… :slight_smile: