SketchUp Walk through vs Navis Works Freedom

I had my Sketchup home 3D model converted to a Navis Works Freedom file and I realize what I was missing. The Sketchup walk and look around is so much difficult and frustrating. It would be good if Sketchup improves the look around and walk tools. As a quick workaround, I suggest that Sketchup include a file export for use with the Navis Works Freedom.

Why provide an export when it already works as you said?

Yes it works because a friend who had Revit application used my Sketchup model to create the Navis Works file to view in the Freeddom application. If I have to do it again I need this functionality.

Because I know it would be the first question that a SU product manager will ask, what is it about waking through Navisworks is better than SketchUp? Specific examples really help with this kind of request.

SketchUp Pro can export to IFC that can be opened in Navisworks or other IFC viewers (Solibri, Bimsight…)

I tried the IFC export, but will not open in Freedom.

The look around in Navis is realistic without having the view clipped. I can share both files if you wish to see the difference yourself.

So, just to challenge you a little more, are you saying that it is the REALISM that you prefer? Right now both Epic and Nscape offer free solutions to let you navigate through a rendered SketchUp model in real time. If it is a certain set of navigation controls that you prefer, please let us know what those are!

I see

In Sketchup when a walk and look around is done. It throws up clipping planes and the view is cut off. I have to zoom out to orient and then again redo the task. This is frustrating. This is better managed in the Navis look around.
Thanks for the info on Epic and Enscape viewers.

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Since Sketchup does not have the functionlity of a better look around as in Navis Works. I wanted to for the Navis Manager, which is a subscription service and associated with a lot of related Autodesk products and therefore costs a lot per year. Does Vray provide a means of walk through and look around, better than it does in Sketchup. I sincerely hope that they do some improvement to the look around feature of Sketchup without being bugged by the clipping planes.

try LightUp, I find it’s much more approachable than the other renderers for SU…