SketchUp vs MicroStation

I’m new to Sketchup and was trying to see if there was anyone that had Microstation experience to tell me which one is easier to use for 3d rendering/animation. I just need to create flyover videos of architectural structures like freeways and roads with animated vehicles. I will be getting files from Microstation so I was hoping I could export .dwg /.dxf files to Sketchup. The files i get will be from engineers so they will not have all the skins, trees,sky cars,etc… I am new to Microstation as well so i am learning both programs. I know both programs are capable of this and I am aware Microstation is for drafting but I am just trying to figure out if Sketchup would would be ideal for this.

link below is what i am trying to do.


SketchUp is a modeling engine, with rudimentary rendering and simple camera position animation.

Most professional users install extensions for professional high quality rendering and animation.

General DWG import and export information in the SketchUp User Guide:

SketchUp User Guide

MicroStation is supposed to support SKP format, according to:

MicroStation Product page:

MicroStation forums:

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