Sketchup VR Texture Low Resolution

I’m using Sketchup VR viewer and having a problem with a texture applied to a cylinder as background being very low resolution in the goggles. On my 2D laptop screen it looks great. The texture resolution setting is at the highest.

Is there anything I can do to make my VR textures as crisp as my on screen?

Have you applied the texture to the face or the group?
In some viewers, the scaling is off when applied to the group

Hey Mike. It’s applied to just the inside surface, not a group. The scale is correct. But the resolution is terrible–all blocky and barely recognizable. It’s a landscape wrapped around the inside of the cylinder. Thanks.

Maybe the texture isn’t big enough, sketchup would default any texture to a max of 2048x2048, good enough for a monitor, but not to walk around in it.
There is an extension to split the original in smaller pieces and than import it in SketchUp.

Oh nice. Thank you!