SketchUp Viewer doesn't need my contacts

SketchUp Viewer asks for my contacts. I don’t see any reason to share all my contacts with SketchUp. I said no. It then asked for my email. That’s fine. However, it doesn’t leave any way to give my email. It apparently insists on access to all my email addresses.
Is there a way around this?
If not, they should change this requirement.

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I think the viewer is only interested of your contact of yourself, so it can check if it has been bought from your email address. I don’t use the viewer myself and don’t know the details but I think I saw that explenation here on the forum.

There is no problem giving the viewer my email address. The problem is that SketchUp wants access to ALL my contacts, my wife, my friends, my business associates, and all the details attached. That is private and I don’t want to give it to them.

The call is from the ios itself, not from the viewer app.
As your picure, says, it needs your email adress for asociating it with an existing account.
IOS gets a request from the Viewer app and warns you that an App is trying to get access in the Contacts-App, because that is were the information is.
That (IOS) warning is perhaps a bit misleading by its general character, though.
There are other apps that do use the full monty, mostly social- and game apps, but as your picture states, the SketchUp Viewer App will not.

How do I give SketchUp my email and how do I get the app to work? It seems to only accept access to my contacts and doesn’t give me the option to provide my email.

I am on an Android phone, so I don’t use ios.

Replace ios with android in my post…

Huck, it assumes you’ve already entered your email in the user profile ( Contacts app, Settings ?)
It is just requesting access to what it thinks should already exist, so no, it will not provide a way to directly enter it.

Hi Dan, Thanks. I’m sorry to be dumb, but where do I enter the email? When I start the viewer, it comes up with this screen

which asks for access to my contacts, which gives access to all my contacts, which is what I don’t want to do. Is there a different place to give just my own email? I downloaded it from Google Playstore, so the Playstore has my email.

If all it needs is a ca. 20 character long email address for verification and it still requests access to the whole contacts (for the single address), then this is like shooting sparrows with cannons or taking the sledge hammer to crack a nut. If this is a work-around for limited Android permission APIs then it is a bad solution.

In an era where we know that well-known apps generously request permissions and make use of them to upload data & contacts, this is a no-go. (To obey law, we would have to ask every single contact whether they are ok with sharing their details with that third party.)

This is not a question of trust (some of use have met SketchUp devs in person), but of principle: Do you know what the third-party dependencies in your app do? Have you checked with a firewall how chatty they are with countless third-party URLs?

Blackberry once was a popular for business smartphones because one could use them privately and for business. Some Android versions have a similar “second space” feature (like a second user account). Apps that you move over there see an empty environment, and you can give them without hesitation access to the whole empty address book. Maybe that feature is called differently in your Android version, or you can find an app that provides a similar sandbox feature.