sketchUp viewer can be used by a company for free


Is SketchUp Viewer free for commercial use? The company don’t have any sketchUp license, they just want it to use for viewing.

thanks for answering!


have you read the EULA?


Yes, but I didn’t see any word says it’s FREE for commercial use.


I got viewer for my tablet before it became free.

I see what you mean, the EULA doesn’t seem to be clear and also still refers to payments and subscriptions. Maybe this refers to the AR component (which is subscription / payware).

2.3 refers to personal use
2.4 prohibits the use for the benefit of a third party (amongst other things)

Colour me interested in knowing the answer here as well then…


@katrina_espinosa Thank you for your questions about the use of SketchUp Viewer. To clarify, we allow usage of the SketchUp Viewer mobile app for both personal and commercial use. This is true for users who may have purchased the app (prior to June 6, 2018), users who are using the (now) free app, as well as for those users who (after June 6, 2018) paid for the premium feature set via in-app subscription.

Please note that any use – whether personal/non-commercial or commercial – is subject to the terms of the applicable license agreement, such as (but not limited to) Section 2.5 (License Restrictions) in the current SketchUp EULA and Section 1.1 (Restrictions) of the SketchUp Viewer (for Mobile) EULA.

For example, while you may use the SketchUp Viewer mobile app to view models while engaged in commercial work and/or charge for services/time associated with presenting a project in SketchUp Viewer, you may not distribute, sell, sublicense, rent or lease the SketchUp Viewer application license to your clients or anyone else.

I hope that helps clarify things for you.