SketchUp version converter

Is there a Sketchup 2017 to 2016 converter?

Yes. Right in SketchUp 2017. Use File>Save as… and choose the version you want.

I would guess that ecati doesn’t have v2017. If that’s the case the easy solution would be to ask someone else to do the conversion for you.

I am using SketchUp 2016. I meant to have a converter to open 2017 files that I downloaded in 2016.

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There is no stand alone converter to do that. Where are you getting all these SU2017 files from? Why don’t you upgrade to SU2017?

As a solution I upload the 2017 file to the 3D Warehouse. I select 2016 and download it. How does 3d warehouse do this conversion? Does it do with the converter?

It does use a converter but that’s not something that is publicly available.

I think your solution is probably the best short of upgrading to SU2017.

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