Sketchup version 2023.1 still does not fix the bug that could not be selected

This geometry looks like it was imported from another modeling program or file type.

If so, that drawing is way clean compared to mine when they’re exported and opened in any other app! When I do that my models look as if they’ve been cocooned by an army of insane spiders, there are so many hidden geometry lines all over them! :laughing:



I do not have this problem with your file.


SketchUp2023-0-419-179 win平台?,??

I can reproduce the strange behavior using SketchUp 2023 on my Mac, but so far I have not been able to explain it. My leading theory is that there is something peculiar about the transformations of the tiles that is confusing SketchUp, but I haven’t tracked it down yet.

我可以在Mac上使用SketchUp 2023重现这种奇怪的行为,但到目前为止,我还无法解释它。我的主要理论是,瓷砖的变换有一些奇怪的地方,这让SketchUp感到困惑,但我还没有追踪到它。


Perhaps this is another 23 thing? I’m still on 22 and the file behaves fine. No selection issues. ??

I get the same thing - works on 2022, not on 2023.

There is something strange about the scale of the components. Selecting in 2023 is behaving as if they are not scaled. Don’t know why 2022 coped with the scaling and 2023 doesn’t.

I made a bug report for someone to look into this. SKOR-17534.


I’ve been poking around with the Transformation of one of the misbehaving component instances (oddly, all their names start with “Group” despite being components!). I can see that it is quite strange, as if It was scaled both by reducing the upper 3x3 part of the transformation, but also having a scale factor in the lower right corner. Usually SketchUp does not do both in the same transformation. I wonder if that is messing up SketchUp 2023 (But then why the change from 2022? Why would some dev have quietly altered the behavior of transformations between 2022 and 2023?)

Although the values in the part of the transformation that would correspond to a rotation about x have values whose ratio is consistent with a rotation by about 30.88819 degrees, they are not scaled the same as the upper left value, as if a non-uniform scaling has been applied to y and z vs x.

Another bug is that right clicking can no longer press shortcut keys, and there is also this bug. Currently, I am aware of these two bugs

I think that is another effect of the same bug: clicks of any sort aren’t being seen.


I was checking to see if this problem has been fixed yet, and it hasn’t. Here is a work around for now:

You may need to select a much large area than the component seems to occupy. Use the Select tool and do a right to left drag, so that if any of the component is inside the selection area, it will get selected.

Once it’s selected you would normally then right-click on it, to reset the scale or explode it. But, that will deselect the component. Instead, look at the bottom of the Edit menu, and there should be an entry that says Component (1 in model), or something like that. Look in that menu item and you will see both Reset Scale and Explode. As the goal was to have the object be at the size it is right now, doing an explode, and make a new component, may be the easiest fix.

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So is this bug difficult to fix? How long do you expect it to be fixed if there is a chance

sketchup, for more than half a year, the 2023 version up to 2023.1, was still garbage, even without fixing bugs that could not be selected
bug demo

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so, whenever I open or close your file, I get lines and lines of errors being corrected - or not. No idea in what software the tiles have been made, but their conversion has been messy to say the least.

selects fine in 31.1 windows, not in mac version. although, selecting from the component panel works.
selecting with the lasso kinda works.

exporting one of the tiles component as a solo files gives this

Group_2523006.skp (130.3 KB)

your times a gigantic. 48m long.

It has nothing to do with model transformation, just to emphasize that this model cannot be selected in the 2023 version,