Sketchup Upgrades

How do we upgrade from Shop to Pro?
Do we get a 120 dollar credit off the 300 dollars for a total cost of 180 dollars?

Well, upgrading goes ‘Prorated’, which means you pay the difference from the moment you upgrade to the ‘anniversary ‘ date.
Say you are upgrading the 5th month from Shop to Pro, you will only have to pay 7/12* 300=175, minus what you have payed already for shop ( 7/12*120=70) for that period.
175-70=105 for the last 7 months.
Prorating is calculated by day, btw.

Renewing at the anniversary date will be 300, if you continue to use Pro.
There is no downgrading possible before that anniversary date.

I checked, and I think that your Shop runs for another nearly 9 months. Based on what Mike was saying, to upgrade from Shop to Pro, for the remaining 9 months, would be about $135 (plus tax no doubt). Then when you renew it would be at the $299 rate for the following 12 months.

Thank you, very helpful.

When we select Edit Plan and choose Pro, the message continually refuses to let me upgrade, it states,“something went wrong try again”.
Sketchup has become very unfriendly to us?

I am checking with colleagues about this.