SketchUp TV Gallery and Models

In the video, Kermit is modeled and posed without any using any plugins.

Hope you enjoy the video and learn something along the way!


Will the next version of SU use Kermit instead of one of the team in the default new file?

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I would rather see Miss Piggy!

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I hope you enjoy this model and video. Again, no plugins were used! I will be uploading the video of creating the character very soon and will share it here.

Hope you get inspired and learn something by watching the video :slight_smile:

As promised, here is the video of Link being created

Gramophone model. No plugins.

What are you trying to do with these videos?
You don’t seemed to have captured a market.
Educationally they are too fast for beginners, for experienced users they are too long and don’t show anything significant.

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