Sketchup Training Perth

Hi I am new to sketchup - based in Perth West Australia - I am in the scaffolding Industry and have started using Sketchup and have managed to get a ribbon which has some components I use - is there anyone in Perth who is a trainer and could assist me in getting up to speed.

I’m not in Perth, nor a trainer, but see you work with scaffolding.

Depending on what type of scaffolding you use, it might be of help to look at some low-poly scaffolding components I drew and put in the 3D Warehouse.

Have you visited the new SketchUp Campus yet? Should be a good place to start while you continue to look for local trainer:

Thanks John,

Dont use a lot of those items but will certainly come in handy .
We use a product called Layher Allround

Thanks Eric - will certainly check it out