Sketchup to quixel mixer

Hi Everybody. I’m currently experimenting with bringing meshes from sketchup into quixel mixer for texture painting. I’ve been experimenting with the native exporting options as well as those provided with quadface tools. Unfortunately I have been getting error messages in QM stating that my uv’s are either non existent or have a negative value (not sure what that means) I’ve tried a few different uv plugins like Fredo’s throughpaint and UV editor with no luck. As a workaround I’ve been pulling them into blender and unwrapping them. I’m not sure if this extra step is just unavoidable but it would be great to have a more streamlined pipe. Anyone else have any more success with this? QM is a visualization game changer for sure.

You can test Wrap-r extension - Tutorials for WrapR for SketchUp


Well that looks promising, I’ll check it out