Sketchup thinks my keyboard is in Russian

I’m having a strange problem while trying to make a polar array. All I need to do is type “10x” in the measurement toolbar, but it comes out as “10ч”, which (if you aren’t familiar with Russian keyboards), is what would come out if I was using a Russian keyboard. I’m not. My Sketchup is in English, my OS is in English, and everything else on my computer is in English. Even the keyboard shortcuts in Sketchup work properly. Just the measurements toolbar is giving me issues.

Has this issue ever occurred? Would someone know how to solve it? I’d rather not reinstall the entire program, but this makes using many features impossible.

Sorry to have bothered all of you. Simply restarting the program solved the issue.

It would have been fun to mess with you by pretending everything you wrote was in Russian. Maybe some other time.