SketchUp Studio 2023 Installation Hangs at "Saving SketchUp Licenses"

During the installation of SketchUp Studio 2023 the installation hangs at the step “Saving SketchUp Licenses”.

Installer Version “SketchUpStudio-2023-1-340-117.exe”
Windows 11 (23H2) 22631.2861

I have tried the following:

  • Installing as a normal user (results in the above)
  • Installing as an admin (hangs earlier in the process)
  • Disabling real time virus protection (results in the above)

I haven’t heard of that problem happening. You have a subscription, and that doesn’t even need the license that the installer is carefully saving. Many of the support files are in ProgramData, including the license files. You could rename the existing SketchUp 2023 support folder, then hopefully the installer won’t find the license files to do a save of them.

In File Explorer you can paste in this path:


In there, rename the SketchUp 2023 folder to be something else, then try the SketchUp 2023 installer again.

If you have some extensions that you bought from the Extension Warehouse, the license file would still be needed. You could go into your renamed folder and copy the file EW.lic into the newly created SketchUp 2023 folder.

Thanks. I currently do not have a SketchUp folder under ProgramData, (or any other Program Files/Program Files(x86) folder). This is a new machine that I have not previously installed SketchUp on yet.

You must show hidden folders.

If you paste the path I gave into File Explorer it should take you into the folder, even if hidden files is not enabled. ProgramData is at the same level as Program Files, not inside of it.

I have the exact same problem. Im not able to install the program. Installation stops during “saving sketchup licences”. What can i do?

Did you start the installer by right-clicking on it and selecting “Run as Administrator” from the context menu?