Sketchup start error "some extensions are referenced in palettes but not - unknown command"

some extensions are referenced in palettes but not - unknown command"
Now get this error at the Start of special anyway SketchUp It continues to work normally but I can’t understand why this message comes out, surely linked to some plugin, what can I do?

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That doesn’t look like a SketchUp error message. Is it possible it’s coming from some other extension or source?

Sketchup 2022

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I suspect that message is coming from another extension. Do you have one of those extensions that combines a bunch of other extensions into a single toolbar?

if I try to install a new plugin, this message comes out

Try repairing the SketchUp installation. Close SketchUp, find the downloaded installer (probably still in your Downloads folder) right click on it and choose Run as administrator. Then when the options are presented, choose Repair. After that do a cold reboot of your computer. Power entirely off and restart. Any change after that?

i reset special i restarted the machine but the error did not go away

This window seems to be created by an extension, not SketchUp itself. Can you post a screenshot of the full window, including the title bar and frame?

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how do i know which plugin is causing the problem?

[quote=“roberto.bolletta, post:7, topic:190626, full:true”]
i reset special [/quote]

What do you mean you “reset special”?

What extensions do you have installed? You didn’t answer my question:

I understood that the problem is caused by Fredo6 Load ofthetToolbar. I inserted yesterday, new buttons but also restoring yesterday’s backup, the problem remains. These menus are important to me for my disability

Perhaps the easiest fix would be to delete all the extensions from the Plugins folder and install them again.

I’d also check whether you have the latest version of LibFredo6 installed. I think it is 12.5a.

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We should really have SketchUp print the extension name in the notification title bar.

If this has been traced to Fredo’s extension, I’d recommend to contact him directly with the question.

EDIT: Logged an issue specifically for SketchUp not communicating what extension a notification is coming from: Communicate to end user what extension shows a notification · Issue #774 · SketchUp/api-issue-tracker · GitHub

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Looking at the screenshots, this might come from the “lowercase u” problem in the Windows user folder name.

i don’t remember what extensions i installed, is there any way to know which plugin creates the problem? there is no log? maybe the problem came after installing Pie for Sketchup SketchUp Plugins | PluginStore | SketchUcation, which I removed.

This notification come from LordOfTheToolbars (reference to ‘palettes’). It indicates that some icons in palettes reference commands from extensions which are no longer present.

I will put an explicit title in a next version of LOTT.

Also, there may be a bug that it indicates ‘unknown command’. Normally it should indicate the name of the extension.


I managed to solve the problem by uninstalling and deleting all the temporary files created by Fredo C: \ Users \ xxx \ AppData \ Local \ LIBFREDO6_DATA_Dir \ LOTT \ GHOST now I no longer have the error at startup
But now Fredo Corner no longer works, with a regular license. I deduce that the problem is caused by the combination of Lord of toolbars v12.5a with fredo Corner v2.5a.

I await updates