Sketchup sluggish and crashes, model too big?

Update: Sketchup Make is working very well. I have been able to continue adding details (more columns).

Colin, I’m still not quite sure how you were able to select all the columns and assign a tag to them. In my versions of Sketchup, I couldn’t see a way to select them all without doing Shift+click hundreds of times. Just curious.

In the component window, find the column component, right click on it and choose ‘Select Instances’ this will select all the same, then in the layer dropdown in Entity Info assign them a layer.

Thanks. That make sense. It also appears I need to be editing a component that contains that component before the Select Instances option is enabled. Thanks.

I didn’t select all of the columns, I went inside one of them. Inside that one column I made the two variations, and tagged them differently. Doing it that way changed all of the same column without me ever selecting them.

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I thought SketchUp Make was free forever. It is now telling me I cannot use it.

No, it’s asking you to agree to the terms before you continue to use it for free.

I think they could make this splash screen a bit more clear, then.

It says the license has expired. If I can continue using it, then the license has not expired.

And if the “I agree” button refers to some terms, which terms? The most salient option in this image is “Free Pro Trial” which I believe is a path to up-sell, right?

Yeah it’s not the clearest message, but it is saying the Pro Trial has expired, not the Make license.
It gives you an option to put the pro license in, another to try a 2020 pro trial another for the free online version or the option to decline everything.
Basically it’s trying to stop you just clicking I Agree and getting on with things. But assuming you are using it for non commercial purposes and you know that you have now lost the pro features, click I Agree and keep working.