SketchUp Skill Builder

Hello fellow SketchUppers,

I would like to announce a new initiative the SketchUp team is launching called "SketchUp Skill Builder!"

The idea of this Skill Builder is to release a video with a challenge, and/or tip-and-trick for you to try. The challenges will range from beginner to advanced. Each Skill builder will have their own thread, which can all be found under the “Tutorials” Category.

Exchange ideas, alternative methods for any given exercise or ask questions on the specific thread of the Skill Builder it relates to.

The vision is to support each other in a friendly way while building your SketchUp skills. If you have any ideas for a challenge or tip-and-trick video post, click here to submit it, or comment on this thread!

Any feedback is appreciated! Feel free to reach out to me directly and private message me on here, if you have any comments, questions, ideas or concerns.

How to Private Message:


You may have seen this on our (old) blog, but we wanted to make sure we pointed to it here. We want to hear from you!

Fill out this form to suggest an idea for a future Skill Builder video.

Table of Contents

Keep track of all of the Skill Builders we have made by clicking here to see our YouTube Playlist, or click on them below to see their Forum Threads.

1. Tip for editing Components
2. Applying Materials to Components
3. How to install an Extension
4. Creating Patterns with Components - Part 1 & 2
5. Creating LayOut Patterns
6. Group Axis and Bounding Box
7. Importing SketchUp Models into Photoshop
8. Motion Graphics Monitor Animation
9. Dimensions
10. Making Snowflakes

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I like to make prints for my ecig mods

This is a very good idea.
Thank you for your great contribution to the SketchUp community!!!

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This is a very good idea.

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This sounds great…Are the tutorials sequential or is there a place I can find ones for the very new beginner? I don’t even know what template to pick or how to use google images to start a project. Thanks

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@Bikebabe I would start here if you are an absolute beginner:

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Thanks, I will do that.

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Hi @AlexB,
Regarding the SketchUp Skill Builder 8. Motion Graphics Monitor Animation: this exercise falls short of the goal IMHO. I was under the impression that the entire Skill Builder series is dedicated to providing information that can be readily grasped and is usually offered in an enumerative step by step process. Although the video is generally informative, unless one is already skilled in the processes described, it is of little use as a learning tool because there is no clearly defined method for what the process purports to achieve, or more succinctly, viewers do not know what they should expect to learn from watching this until after viewing it and even after viewing it I remained confused.

OK, so now that I have openly admitted to my own ignorance, maybe it is just me.

But I think that others may also find this Skill Builder difficult to viably comprehend. If my observation proves to be true, I would ask that all upcoming Skill Builder tutorials be more rigorously vetted before being publicly unleashed.

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Hi, can someone please help me? I have model that would like to turn off layer but have error that come up when selecting the differing parts of the drawing. The error is (you cannot hide the layer the active group or component is on). I have deadline to meet and not sure what I have done wrong.
Please help?

It sounds like you have made a layer other than Layer 0 active and now you’re trying to turn off that layer’s visibility. Make Layer 0 active and try again with the visibility. If that’s not it, perhaps you can share the SKP file so we have some better hope of helping you. Or share it with me privately if you prefer. I’ll look at it.

Thank Dave, as you can tell I’m new at this. Gloria and Daniel House - Final.skp (1.2 MB).

I hope the upload has worked

Dave is right: you have a bunch of primitive geometry (edges especially) associated with layers other than layer0. In the attached, everything highlighted in blue is associated with layer Context 48 Patricia. I didn’t check for other cases, though if you did this once the odds are you have done it multiple times.

New Skill Builder today! We’re snowed in here in Boulder, and @TysonK had the brilliant idea of creating a tutorial on how to make snowflakes. Check out this thread to learn more.

@TheOnlyAaron, watched your new revision cloud skill builder today, great video. A subtle addition to consider is numbered “revision triangles”, grouped, with each cloud. Looking forward to your next video. Best.

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