SketchUp Shop file not updating on other device/browser

Updates to a particular SU Shop file on one computer/browser (Macbook Pro, OS12; Chrome) not seen on second computer/browser (MacPro 6core, OS10, 5.1; Chrome). Second computer shows the old-dated file. I’ve relaunched both browsers and computers. I’ve re-logged-in to SU on both. Just recently upgraded to Shop from Free. Other existing files are updating.

Are you saving to your Trimble Connect? It takes a little bit of time for files to update, but when you save on computer 1, then close the file, you should be able to open it on computer 2 after a few minutes.

My problem has partially resolved itself. Yep, I am using Trimble Connect, but it took days to work itself out initially, and is still fussy — requiring several open/close/open cycles on each machine.
Hoping it improves / will be monitoring. Thank you for your reply.