SketchUp Second Window crashing


any one experienced the issue like sketchup window closing / crashing. I run the sketchup as administrator. When opened the file , using the file ->open-> filename. It crashed automatically.
i am experiencing this from today…
How to fix.

Can you share the file that is causing SketchUp to crash?

i am sending you as pm. But the issue is any file is opened in the second window of sketchup, the file opened and closes. So struck with referencing the second file.

Post it here so others can look. I am advising you on how to get help. I won’t be able to look at your model.

Even the blank file, when opened as second instance it keep crashing.

If SketchUp was installed correctly, there is no reason to run as administrator. This may be the cause of your issue. Find the downloaded installer, right-click on it, and choose run as administrator, when prompted pick the repair option. Try that and let us know if it worked.

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Do you use a docking station to connect the second monitor?

Ok. Will try the method as mentioned.

@colin i am using laptop. Acer nitro 5, windows 11

@RLGL Solved. Thanks