SketchUp Search algorithm - Documentation, Resources, Troubleshoot

I can not find Documentation / Resources on how to troubleshoot SketchUp Search.

When I search the “Extension Menu Text” the search results are empty. (case sensitive)

If I search for the first word of the Extension Menu Text then the Command shows up.

SketchUp Search is based on which of the Following?

  • Extension Menu Text
  • Extension Tooltip
  • submenu Text
  • Command Name?
  • Extension Name?

If I wanted a command to show up as the first result in SketchUp Search what string should I use?

Generally speaking … SketchUp Search is a new feature that can be incrementally expanded.

The 2022 release notes say only this …

First introduced in SketchUp for Web, Search SketchUp is now a desktop feature that allows you to look up and activate commands by typing. Search supports queries for commands by name as well as by ‘concept.’ This means you can search for workflow-related queries – such as ‘elevation,’ ‘boolean,’ or ‘chamfer’ – and see related SketchUp results. In SketchUp Pro, Search also provides results for installed extension commands with associated toolbar or menu listings. Activate Search with its toolbar icon (far left in the Getting Started toolbar), from the Help menu, or by its default shortcut (Shift + S ).

This of course leaves room for better documentation for extension developers.

Please log an issue in the official API Tracker.

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I have got these results:



As far as I know there is no Ruby API related documentation.
You can find the general usage of SketchUp Search on a links posted by Dan above.

Moreover, this UI feature is not implemented to Ruby API, so I’m not sure how will you able to “send a command” to SketchUp Search field, if you find a right string to get the desired result…?!

Overall it is not really clear for me , what you want to achieve and how it is related to Ruby API category? Can you please try to explain more?

After reading your post several times, it occurred to me: maybe the navigation and searching for “things” in the Ruby API documentation is the “problem” …(?)


It’s related to the creation of UI::Command objects defined by extensions.

I don’t think the poster meant "Extension Menu Text" verbatim.
What (I think) was meant was: “the text used by the command in the Extension menu” whatever that may be.

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Can you post screenshots of what you are referring to please?


I am looking for Result Number 2 to be at the top of the Search Results.

My intuition was that If I search the Entire Extension Menu Text that my UI.Command would show up first. but that is not the case.

If I search anything more then the above then I get 0 results.

Screenshot 2022-11-07 at 09.41.52

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