SketchUp SDK C API can get separate cube?


Hi Experts,

I create two cubes in SketchUp application, and I export this SketchUp file to collada file by the SketchUp application (twoboxes.dae attached twoboxes.dae (9.7 KB) ). If open the dae file by the text editor, I find two separate geometries, and each geometry has one mesh. I suppose one mesh is one cube.

My question is:how can I get / distinguish the mesh (one cube) information from SketchUp SDK C API? If can’t, is there any plan to support it later?

I also try to export two cubes to OBJ file, and I still can get two meshes from OBJ.


I would also like to know this.


if you make each box a named component before you export, the name will appear in the dea text file…

e.g. one is named box1 in SU…
<node id="ID3" name="box1"> <instance_geometry url="#ID4">
the other was un-named…
<node id="ID19" name="Component2"> <instance_geometry url="#ID20">

without groups or components you are exporting raw geometry…



I am not sure about the original poster but I know how to create a group or a component.

What I want is to be able to export only certain components or groups. Instead of the entire scene. Maybe the one I have selected? Is that possible?

Again this may differ from the OP’s question. I am not sure.


hide what you don’t want and in the export options uncheck ‘Export Hidden geometry’