Sketchup script idea

I was thinking of creating or if already exists something like a plug in or script to increase the number the number of segments of a circle by scaling it.
So I create a circle imagine with 1 meter radios that would for example create a circle with 100 segments.
If I scale that down to 0.1 meters it would decrease the number of segments to 10 segments. at the same time the number of segments should always be multiple of 4 so I will have an exact point at every quadrant.
I have no experience in Creating this or programming in any language… I want to start learn.
While writing this I was wondering if it is possible to do this with dynamic components but I dont think I can change number of segments in the DC UI.

This is correct. You can’t change the number of segments of a circle (or arc) in the DC UI.

DCs allow you to change the attributes of components. There are a number of built-in attributes - and you can add custom attributes. None of these are the number of segments in an arc or circle.

You can change the number of segments for a circle using the Entity Info dialog.

Just select the circle you wish to edit …