Sketchup saves like a Window file on my Mac desktop?


Sketchup saves like a Window file on my Mac desktop ?
It began after a restart


I have Parallels, but its not open at the time


Hi, could you describe a bit more precisely what happened, especially what you did (or not did), and what exactly you observed.

SketchUp’s .skp file format is independent from operating systems, so it would be the same no matter whether it had been created on OS X, Windows or anywhere else.
However, SketchUp’s (application) installer is different, on OS X it is a .dmg file and on Windows a .exe file.

What kind of file is it that you discovered on your desktop, and how did you conclude it is associated with Windows?


Yes, please clarify what you mean by “saves like a Window file on my Mac desktop”. I also have parallels and I noticed that if it is set to share applications with Mac OS X and you install SketchUp on Windows under Parallels after installing it on Mac OS, the Windows installation “steals” the .skp association from the Mac version. Is that what you mean?