Sketchup ruby debugger on WSL?

I use Windows, but prefer to do my coding in WSL (with VSCode). However, the one thing I can’t get working is the Sketchup debugger. I guess this is because there are only library files for Windows & Mac? AFAIK .dylib files are Mac-only, and the Linux equivalent would be .so.

For now, I have switched to doing all my ruby coding on Windows – but this has created other complications (I can’t get my beloved seeing_is_believing extension working). Should I give up on Sketchup extension development in WSL? I’ve never actually used a debugger but I do want to set it up.

edit- I got Seeing is Believing working – it was either the total ruby reinstall or the subsequent gem update --system. SiB gem was then able to install its ffi gem dependency normally.

The DLL and dylib is for use with SketchUp itself. It sets up debugging of Ruby within the application via remote debugging. So you can use any editor you want to connect to SketchUp as long as it has support for the Ruby remote debugging interface.

Since you’re on Windows you’d have to have SketchUp installed and the debugger DLL added to it’s application directory. Then you should be able to use whatever tools in your WSL environment as long as it’s able to connect to the port that the Ruby debugger DLL is opening on your Windows instance.