Sketchup Render Window Fails to Load

Up until recently, SketchUp has been working fine on my computer. However in the last week or so it has failed to load the rendering window. I’m not exactly sure how to describe it, but essentially the window loads, the menus work but the axes and rendering area never appear.

There were a couple of updates that rolled in recently, notably the Windows 10 Creator Edition fall update and an update to Visual Studio 2017. I’m reluctant to uninstall those as I’m on a very flaky internet connection and it’s a pain to get them back if that’s not the issue. I seem to recall SketchUp working for me after the Visual Studio update, so wondering if anyone else has noticed problems with the Windows 10 Creator update?

In event it helps, Cura 2.7 is giving me similar issues. Not sure if there’s a common library between these that might point at the problem and not 100% sure they are related. (Haven’t been using either daily so can’t recall whether they both started at the same time.)

Grateful for any tips.

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