Sketchup Registration issue

Greetings all.
My Sketchup stopped working and asked for registration details even though I am paid up until June 23.
When I add my previous registration details I am told they are invalid, but I cannot find any newer details.
Also, my Sketchup Layout is still working.
Can anyone advise me on what to do?

  • log-off from SU
  • close SU (for cleaning the license cache)
  • (opt: clear browser cache and according Trimble cookie)
  • launch SU
  • log-in to SU

If still failing, you might have activated more than the allowed 2 times. If the case, go to the Trimble AMP and remove all activated devices from “My Products > Show All > SketchUp Pro…” and log-in to SU again.

Thank you,
That was successful.