Sketchup randomly closes

I got a new PC and copied files from my old one. The files were working perfectly and now I have an issue when I try to open some of them. The SketchUp window just closes itself, with no warning, error, or anything. I don’t know how to troubleshoot this issue or where to start. I have no issues with any other programs so I would “blame” it on the hardware, rather it’s a software-related issue. Also opening a new file and working on it doesn’t cause it to close, but the files that I need to continue to work on, do. Any similar experiences? suggestions? Broken components, textures?

How did you install SketchUp on the new computer ?

Downloaded it from the website and installed it

Dare I ask… :scream:

Did you install SketchUp as administrator ?

Have you gone to the GPU website and downloaded and installed the latest driver ?

After doing everything that came to my mind, reinstalls, updates, switching to Windows 11… the reason seems to be the RAM memory. I am using DDR4 3200Mhz sticks (128 GB total memory), they work at 2400Mhz by default from BIOS. In order for them to work at higher speeds, you need to turn on DOCP profile in BIOS, and when I set it to work at 3000 or 3200 Mhz everything works normally except SketchUp. Haven’t experienced a crash the whole day.

SketchUp doesn’t handle the DOCP well, so I have to run it at lower speed in order not to crash.

ping to @colin , don’t know if the devs / technicians know about it, but they might want to.

I wonder if it’s sketchup or the opengl graphic engine behind.

I informed the technical support who was trying to help me. They might know what is the cause. It was just a lucky idea that came to my mind to revert all the BIOS settings… especially since I had no issues whatsoever with other programs.

Technically DOCP is overclocking the RAM. Overclocking can have both good and/or undesirable results.

I have the same issue using Go but on my iPad 9th Gen using OS 17.0.2 AND 16.9. It worked just fine on my iPad 8th Gen until I upgraded. Works fine on my Windows PC and iPhone 13Pro. Removed Sketchup and reinstalled on iPad and still same problem. I open and pan or orbit and it shuts Sketchup off. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. TIA.

PM me your email and I’ll look at the crash stack.


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