Sketchup Project Crash


Hi everybody : Let’s say, I’m working on a design…and, for some reason the project crashes. I have the auto save at 5 minutes. Being the backup would have a working model / project up to that point, would I be able to open the .skb file in the event of a project crash ? Or should that be automatic ? Gary Stanullwich


It isn’t automatic. But if you first make a copy of it with a new name so it won’t get overwritten by subsequent saves, then rename the original to .skp instead of .skb (b for backup) you can re-open it in SU and take it from there.

If you get repeated crashes, check your graphics card driver and update it if possible. And if that doesn’t fix it, see other suggestions on this forum for what else to try for repeated crashes. If your graphics card and drivers aren’t up to scratch, SU 2017 won’t work reliably, or at all - it REQUIRES hardware acceleration which earlier versions didn’t - you could go to menu Window/Preferences/OpenGL and turn off hardware acceleration. You can’t do that in SU 2017.

Your profile doesn’t show which version of SU Make you are running, nor which particular nVidia card you have. Please update it so others can help you better.


Mr. Mcclenehan : Thanks for your reply. I kinda thought that I could just change the file format (as per your instructions), but I was sure. And, also, thanks for going into detail about it. I wasn’t aware of the “copy it with a new name” part. Thanks…Gary Stanullwich


That’s just an extra precaution, in case you screw up the re-editing of your backup copy. Lets you go back to where you were.