Sketchup Pro various countries

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I am trying to figure out the pricing model for Sketchup Pro 2022. I am in South African and when I click on the pricing options on the sketchup website I am sent to a website in South Africa Buy Options for Sketchup 2021 - that advertises Sketchup for $343 instead of the $299 that I see people mention in other places.

So what is the correct price for Sketchup Pro?

iRender is the only authorised reseller in South Africa - so I would assume that the correct price.
$299 USD + 15% VAT

US prices typically don’t include sales tax as it varies between states, however in lots of other countries including VAT in the price is the norm. I assume that’s the case here if South Africa has a 15% VAT rate.

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Yes I think you could be right on the VAT issue. Time to get out the old vpn software