Sketchup pro to layout


I have created a curved pergola in sketchup pro 18. I have also created several different scenes of the pergola, including top, front, side, back, and iso. I have saved my sketchup model, and sent to layout.

I am new to layout. I have my model scaled at 1/2"=1’-0". I would like to show all scenes on my layout page, which is arch D. Than, I want to dimension each scene. I did dimension the top view, but also need to figure out how to dimension my radius.

Thanks again everyone for their help


Is your question: how do I create standard 2D representations of my pergola? I assume it is.

In Sketchup, you have default top and side views. Assuming you have drawn the pergola in 3D, you can use these views to show each side and a top view. If you want it to look like a normal 2D drawing, you should set the camera to parallel projection. Then make a scene for each view and ensure you update it.

When you export your drawing to Layout, you will then have the option of choosing which scene a viewport shows. You can then dimension in Layout.


The class for LayOut Essentials at the Learning center should answer the questions you have It is very detailed and addresses the scale questions you have. It is time well spent.


thank you so much, I will look at this topic.