Sketchup Pro Licence

The company I work for has (had?) numerous licences associated with a certain email address.
But when I try to upgrade to 2019 , it only shows 1 licence for a temporary pro that expired already.
What could have happened to all our licences?

Does sketchup have a support phone number?

I don’t feel comfortable uploading private info on a blog.

When did they bought them? Prior to februari 2019?

Are you signing in through the welcome screen?

So you had a license before feb. 2019, that means a classic license.
If you have the serial, check if you are entitled for the 2019 version.

each version has it’s own serial and authocode, so the 2018 wont work with the 2019 version.

You don’t need to

Quite right. You should NEVER do that.

Problems solved.

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