Sketchup Pro Future?


I guess whenever 2019 is released, it might be able to show us a better understanding of the type of path Sketchup is going to take for their Pro users.

I’m truly hoping for a big reveal! Fingers crossed


Take a look at Affinity Photo (& Designer). Very capable and reads PS files, also won’t break the bank, licencing model one can support.


Reading these posts made me a bit worried too. SketchUp has literally been my life and passion for the last 9 years. I won’t hesitate to say that half of my achievements are thanks to this program and the endless hours I spent with it working, because it was the most joyous experience for me. #NostalgicTimes - There were even times my relatives would come to my bedroom to peel me off of the screen and drag me out of my study lair, so I could have something to eat and then go continue… Good old times.

I keep checking social media several times a day for news about the 2019 and I also share concerns about the future of the program. Hoping that 2019 is being delayed because it’s a big reveal and they’re making sure everything’s in place before publishing. If God forbid SketchUp Pro is discontinued as it is now and moved to the web, I don’t think I’ll be able to continue using it, for many reasons.

I have always said this, SketchUp has the biggest possible potential in the market to stand side by side with 3ds Max and similar softwares. It’s already good the way it is but I’ve personally always wanted it to be, look and function as a fully professional program…

People mentioned Adobe Dimension. It’s an exciting neat pieace of software from Adobe but I wouldn’t necessarily compare it with SketchUp. Dimension I think is more like a prototype/mockup visualization program, rather than a full-scale modeler.

Keeping fingers crossed and wishing the best for SketchUp’s future. :pray: :angel: :slight_smile:


Actually, if you read the EULA of SketchUp, you are not owning the software itself, just the right to use it. With a (bought) license of a perpetual, you may use it as long as you manage to run it on your hardware.

The yearly maintenance plan can be seen as a subscription, but not with the hostage kind of thing that you cannot open any files anymore.
Just not new versions.


I’ve been looking at those too. Of course there’s a learning curve involved to switch applications.

I’ve been holding out with CS6 myself as long as I can stand it, but I’m getting a bit tired of old systems. I need to move to a new machine, and I want to leave Java and Flash behind this time. You have to install deprecated Java to install CS6.

Lightroom Classic I can’t live without, though I thought Affinity was working on a competitor to that too. I don’t need cloud services with Lightroom


@Julian_Smith, Thank you! I have indeed looked at Affinity. I think it looks like a terrific program. But I’m comfortable with CS6. Although I’m missing some of the bells and whistles that have been introduced in PS CC, what have does what I need.


Enough with the paranoia…

SU’s sibling companies wouldn’t be developing and promoting their shinny new SU Pro extensions if the writing was on the wall…

they will by privy to insider knowledge when planning their strategies, unlike us…

also bear in mind the Trimble’s own Tekla have a very powerful cloud based 3D modelling suite that allows you to work off line as much as you want…

I don’t see doom and gloom myself…


Please revive SketchUp Make

I just saw recently Adobe Dimension now allows import of SU models, so collaboration, not competition.

skp to Adobe Dimension


It’s my understanding that the entire Disney organization uses Sketchup Pro. Marvel (part of Disney) has been using it for a while. I suspect that the opinion of these companies matters because they could use any program in the Universe because money is no object to them. I realize the following link is a plug (not for me) but is shows some of the work that has been done for Marvel using Sketchup Pro.
There is a reason why Hollywood Designers use SketchUp
As everyone knows, not all SU users are businesses or high-power users, some are just hobbyists or 1-person shops. I’m an engineer use SU 2017 for all my “hobby” 3D design and printing. My wife uses SU Pro for all her theatrical design work (sometimes converting it to Vectorworks). We both hope SU Pro continues and is not given up to a subscription model or abandoned somehow.

Apropos “Collaboration versus competition”: Allowing the import of an SU model into Dimension only smoothes the path of assimilating SU users. I don’t think Adobe knows the meaning of the word “collaboration”. They understand “revenue streams”. But I may be wrong.


Yes, collaboration at this point in time.

Despite how big they are, I think it would still be too much of a stretch for Adobe to buy SU (there are so many areas that 3D operates in that Adobe has no presence in)… They could have bought it from Google and didn’t take that opportunity.

The 3D world is progressing rapidly though, so it may be more of an imperative for Adobe to stay relevant with it’s own 3D software.


You Can check Affinity suite : photo, designer and soon publisher wich IS on beta. Very Good cheap, and no problem to switch fromage Adobe.


Dimension is primarily designed for packaging and marketing design. If you look at some of the Adobe case studies around the launch they are things like trainers etc.

I don’t think they would be looking to buy SketchUp, it’s easier for them to do what they are doing now and populate a vast library of objects in Adobe Stock as the point of Dimension is allowing designers who are not 3D literate to create 3D scenes.


I agree, it looks great. At $49, it’s more the learning curve than the cost.

My favorite photo editing program used to be Paint Shop Pro by Jasc. Then Corel bought it and ruined it.

Again though, PS CS6 I already own and it works fine for me. And even though it looks like Affinity accepts PS plugins, I’ve got a considerable investment in Topaz, Portrait Pro, Mystical and a few others.


I wish that Trimble would make a public statement within the next two weeks regarding whether or not there will be a desktop-based release of SketchUp Pro for 2019 (or there-abouts). I need to decide whether to renew my maintenance and support agreement by December 31 2019. If SketchUp Pro is migrating to the cloud, I will probably stop my on-going “subscription.”


If I were you I wouldn’t get my hopes up on getting a response.

C’mon, be sport, renew your Maintenance and Support blindly like the rest of us. Well, at least like me, not a fond memory.

Get in the queue, way back, over there.


If you guys see a reason why Trimble spent heavily on an inferior, cloud-based replacement for SketchUp Make, without firm plans to make Pro follow suit in short order, please do enlighten me :slight_smile:

More likely than not, the monthly rent business model à la Adobe is nigh upon us. Before you start arguing with that point, please take a minute to put yourself in a Trimble executive’s shoes. Are you there? How does that steady and predictable revenue stream feel now?


Any idea what they spent compared to buying SU from Google?


It felt good for a nanosecond or two. But then it dawned on me. Will all current subscribers meekly and dutifully sign up to the new scheme or will they, like @TDahl, vote with their feet? It also occurred to me, as @MikeWayzovski has pointed out, that we already have a subscription service, just that it’s collected annually rather than monthly.

So what felt like nice warm fur-lined shoes when I put them on now feel more like thin, worn shoes full of holes.


If SketchUp stop, I’m screwed. Basically. I’m in entertainement business and SketchUp is my main workflow. Having to start from scratch libraries and template… There is no way my small business have the time, the money and the ressources to switch software. I’m already in a huge battle against competitors on AutoCAD, Vectorworks and Solidworks… If I have to switch, I couldn’t compete anymore and that will be the end of my small business. And probably go back drafting for an engineer office in 2D on my painful AutoCAD. So basically, I’m freaking out reading you this morning. I don’t feel for finish my coffee anymore!


Good grief! Relax people. There’s a lot of folks with no real knowledge of what’s really going to happen making statements as if they do. And there are people believing it.

The sky is falling! The sky is falling!