SketchUp Pro entitlement not recognized

Trimble Account Management does not let me add a SketchUp Pro entitlement for a user. Our organization uses subscription licensing. I successfully created the account and assigned the SketchUp Pro product, and the user completed the registration process and successfully signed in, but SketchUp 2020 and 2021 both show that they’re running in trial mode.

So far I’ve tried removing and re-installing the software, and deleting and re-creating the account. No other users are experiencing trouble. Trimble Account Management shows that we do have free licenses available (albeit only a few).

Several different dates are shown. The user sees a message saying the trial will expire April 11, while Trimble Account Management shows that it expires May 10, and Account Details shows Dec 9. I believe Dec 9 is correct; we switched from Classic to Subscription, and we renewed a few months ago.

Is the user having a problem Christina? Looking at your account, there are 39 assigned seats and 1 available under one entry, and then there is another single seat assigned to Christina under a different entry.

I’m not sure why that one is separate, or why being separate would matter. You could look in the account management page and see if there are two entries for your company.

Are you sure that the sign in email being used is the exp one?

All 41 seats show an end date of December 9th, 2022.

Thanks Colin. Christina isn’t having trouble. Her license was purchased separately, after we bought an initial block of 40 subscriptions. Elizabeth is the one I’m trying to help. I connected to her screen and watched her sign in with the right e-mail address, the same one associated with her account, no luck. As an experiment, I tried re-sending the invitation, and now the Members screen in Account Management shows her as Active. So I think I’m in good shape now.

If at the time of adding her as a member and her Trimble ID did not existed, you would see the ‘pending’ message beyond that email address.
You might check if she received an ‘invitation mail’
If she managed to activate it without that invitation email after the assignment, she would only get a seat when the admin would revoke and reassign.
(Not automatically, as it should)
Then, the ‘Start using your product’ email should have be sent.

In all cases, it is best to have an active Trimble ID prior to assigning seats

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