SketchUp Pro Annual Suscription


Today I pay the SketchUp Pro Annual Plan. How can download this program? It doesn’t appear in the section “My products”.


Make sure you’re signed in with the email address your annual plan is associated with.

You can also download it from here:
Download All | SketchUp

Thanks Desmo,

I can download the software, but it asks to me if I want the free trial, but I paid the SketchUp Pro Annual Suscription.

In the account management portal, switch to the Members’ section.
Modify product access by clicking on the three dots beyond the email that you use to sign in in Sketchup.
Once you have product access, sign out in SketchUp and restart the app.

Thank you Mike

Whit your instructions I was able to activate the subscription.

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Gracias Jean,

Seré más cuidadoso.