Sketchup Pro 2023 Custom Trays Have Portions Blacked Out

Answering my own question … NO. I loaded all the language packs and ran SketchUp with each one.
Only English and the 4 Asian language builds use ALT+W.

@sWilliams Here is code to get the shortcuts:

    # The shortcut that displays the Window menu:
    def get_local_shortcut
      case Sketchup.get_locale
      when 'en-US', 'ko', 'ja', 'zh-CN', 'zh-TW'
        '%(w)' # ALT+w <W>indow, asian builds have a (<W>) suffix on menu name
      when 'es'
        '%(n)' # ALT+n Ve<n>tana
      when 'pt-BR'
        '%(j)' # ALT+j <J>anela
      when 'fr'
        '%(f)%(f)' # 2nd ALT+f, <F>enêtre, ALT+f also <F>ichier (File) menu
      when 'it'
        '%(i)%(i)' # 2nd ALT+i F<i>nestra, ALT+i also D<i>segno (Draw) menu
      when 'de'
        '%(f)%(f)' # 2nd ALT+f, <F>enster, ALT+f also <F>unktionen (Tools) menu
      when 'nl'
        '%(v)' # ALT+v for <V>enster (a guess)
      when 'cs'
        '%(d)' # ALT+d for <D>ialogová okna (Dialog Windows)
      when 'pl'
        '%(){RIGHT}{RIGHT}{RIGHT}{RIGHT}{RIGHT}{RIGHT}' # no shortcuts defined
      when 'ru'
        #'%(О)' # U+041E Cyrillic Capital O for <О>кно, Latin O doesn't work!
        '%(){RIGHT}{RIGHT}{RIGHT}{RIGHT}{RIGHT}{RIGHT}' # tested good w/ Polish
      when 'sv'
        '%(f)' # ALT+f <F>önster
      else # unknown
      end # case

We’re now in August and SU 2023 still has this crazy bug blanking out half the screen. Is there any hope that this will be patched or are we just punting to SU 2024?

This problem is such a pain. The only work around I found is to click Window, click Tray number not responding, Click Hide Tray, Click again and click Show Tray. PITA but it works. I hope a fix comes soon.

It was supposed to have been fixed in the recent 2023.1. Did you install that yet? Does it still happen for you with 2023.1?


2023.1 resolved the issue for me.


J StockCo…update worked!! Thank you