SketchUp Pro 2021 and Azure

Good Evening Sketch UP Community.
I’m looking for answers on using Sketch UP Pro 2021 in an Azure Multi User Environment.
We have multiple VM’s running and users will be pushed to different VM’s to start the new day. We have had a user get a manage activations page at sign in. We had to Deauthorize computers/devices for that user in order for them to sign into there Sketch Up App. Since the maximum is 2 computers that can be Authorized at a time per user am I going to continue to run into this issue on all the other users with Sketch UP Licenses in our Azure Environment ?
Any feedback on this will be greatly appreciated. Thanks

Currently, a VM is not supported and is even forbidden by the EULA that partly was written at the time endusers received a plastic box with a CD and a written serial number on it :innocent:

But, with the sign in, it kind of works. You need to inform your endusers that they log out at the end of the day.
As an admin of a company, you cannot do that for each enduser unless you know the password, of course, and then log in to their Account Management portal to manage their devices.