Sketchup Pro 2020- Unable to Start Free Trial

@colin I have the same issue, but I have Sketchup Pro 2019. Can you please send me the license for 2019, as this one is not working for me. Thanks

I have the same issue, but I have Sketchup Pro 2019. Can you please send me the license for 2019, as this one is not working for me. Thanks

why not install 2020?

So I tried installing SketchUp 2020 and it is working right now, thank you!

Could one of you who has used the temporary license reply to this question? Only reply if it would be ok for me to phone you, and if nobody else has already replied!

what’'s the question?

When the server was fixed this morning I wanted to have someone try removing the temporary license I gave, then sign in to see if the trial was working ok. We’ve had enough people succeed since then, so I don’t need to do my test now.

But, feel free to remove that license and sign in. Aside from proving that it works, you then get to use AR/VR, Sefaira, Shop, unlimited Trimble Connect storage, that come with the 30 day trial. Classic licenses don’t get those things.

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Hi Colin,
Im having the same problem with the free trial. For the last few days Ive been receiving the Temporarily Unavailable notice. Is this problem being sorted, is there another work around key I can use? Thank you!!!

I checked, and there isn’t currently a similar problem. I’ve not heard from anyone else having issues too.

Starting a trial in SketchUp 2019 is seen to be different from 2020, you could try the other version, see if that starts the trial ok. Once the trial is working you can sign in with either version.

So once I get a 2019 version can can sign in and obtain a 2020 version?I need a 2020, I need to open a 2020 file in SKU. I have now tried on 2 different computers, (I had an old trial from a long time ago on one), but continue to get the same error message.

Using 2019 would just be a work around to get the trial going. After that you can sign in with 2020, and it should see the trial ok.

Hi, I am having the same issue as well- unable to start the trial version. The license number is not working for me. Can you help me please?

The trial version doesn’t use a license number. You sign in with your email address, and the 30 days trial starts.

If you do have a serial number and you’re trying that, what is going wrong depends on the serial number and authorization code you are using. Putting those into a forum post isn’t a good idea, that would be like giving your license away, but you could say what the first two letters are, that will be enough to know if the number is correct.

Hi Colin, I have recently downloaded both 2019 and 2020 sketchup versions for the free trial. I have installed and run both as administrator and neither has got past the start trial prompt. The window either freezes or says there is an error.
Any fixes?

Hey Colin, same as the other posters, I cannot sign up for a trial.
I downloaded 2019 and 2020. When I get to the trial prompt, it takes a while, and eventually comes back with an error. I also tried to go to ‘My Account’ on the main site, and checked to see if I have any subscriptions active, and the page infinitely loads.
I suppose there might be some issue in the authentication flow of the program. By how long it takes to respond with even an error, I’m wondering if it’s even connecting properly to the server for auth, or if it’s just infinite retries.
Any advice?

@colin same issue as the rest. I signed up for the trial and am getting an message that says “try again later”. I’ve been trying sporadically throughout the day with no success. Thanks for your help!

Hello! I also have the same problem. I have downloaded and started my trial for Sketchup Pro 2020 an hour ago. I haven’t tried it yet because it also says the same thing - unable to start your trial. My trial is already active. Thanks in advance!

I normally get alerts when there is a server issue, and I didn’t get any today. I have messaged the right team to ask if there is an issue going on at the moment.

I am also experiencing this issue. Same error, saying Please try again later.

Were you able to start the trial later on?