Sketchup Pro 2020 trial + vray 5 trial crashing

I’m trying out SKUP pro 2020 with VRAY 5 for sketchup (both trial versions)
Im using a Dell computer, Intel Core i7, 2.30 Ghz, 16 GB RAM. Intel HD Graphics 4600 / NVIDIA GEFORCE GT 750m Grphics.

I modeled a simple model, now about 22MB with some furniture. After some time (maybe after adding furniture ) the program started crashing, first only when trying to save but later also when trying to save renderings from Vray. Any ideas why this may occur? Thankful for all hints since I am concidering buying SKUP later on…

Possibly the furniture you added was poorly modeled or way too much detail. Try adding those pieces to a new model to see which one or ones are causing the issues. Best practice is to DL from the warehouse into a separate model to inspect and clean it up.

I have a test for you to try. I will send a direct message.