SketchUp Pro 2020 on Mac causes forced logout and other odd behaviors

When using SketchUp Pro 2020 on MacOS High Sierra (10.13.6) frequently, and randomly, my login session reverts back to the login screen without warning. I suspect the SketchUp 2020 software is doing something that causes some sort of render problem with the video driver (Nvidia 1050) but it’s very hard to pin down. No errors - just all lof a sudden all apps crash (not just SketchUp) and the screen now has the login screen prompt dialog box.

I can’t be certain, but it never happens unless I’m got SketchUp running as one of the current open apps. It’s extremely frustrating and wondering if anyone has any idea on how to narrow down the scope of the problem to see what might be causing it or has some hints on how to make things “better”?? It happens very randomly (sometimes after a few seconds of logging back in and sometimes 15-20 minutes) - the SketchUp file I’m working on is a small shed with a lot of details. Here is a screenshot of the drawing contents:

If it matters, this is a dual screen setup - both screens driven by the Nvidia graphics card.

Also other funny things happen - if I have one SketchUp window, and move from one screen to the other, selecting the “Zoom Extents” icon tool does not zoom out correctly on one monitor but does on the other. Looks like SketchUp is confused on how far to zoom out to view all the model - the two screens are different resolutions (one is in 1920x1200 resolution and one is in 3360x1890 resolution). Could these different screen resolutions be an issue as sometimes I have one SketchUp file on one screen and another file on the other screen (two open drawings at the same time)???