Sketchup pro 2020 keeps freezing


I installed sketchup 2020 pro on:
Windows 10 64
CPU: i5 4430 3.0GHz
RAM: 8GB 1600GHz (4+4)
GPU: Nvidia Ge Force GTX 1050Ti
installation and files are stored on SSD drive.

For example, when I try to move an object it takes several seconds to react and sometimes even frees.
Sometimes out off the blue I get a black screen and it hangs for a lot of time.

When I check the performances when it happens I don’t see anything unusual or peaks in cpu\gpu\ram usage.
It also barley using the GPU.

I checked in the program’s settings and it’s using the correct GPU.

Looking forward to your assistance.

You can try:

Thx for the quick response.

It’s off and I’m currently on XRay but it’s the same with regular view.

Xray is also demanding, you could try Back Edges for some of the times you would have used Xray.

I was on a screen share yesterday with someone who had an i5 processor, and several times large areas of the windows for Chrome, Firefox, and also the SketchUp welcome screen, would go black. You could look into whether it’s a general i5 issue that can be improved.

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